Could Stardew Valley Introduce A New Generation To Farming?

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life role-playing game that was created by indie game developer Concerned Ape. It was released on February 26th, 2016. In this game you take control of an unnamed character who inherited their grandfather's old farm plot. You are given a few tools and very little money. Your quest is to farm, fish and live off the land in hopes of turning this plot into a new beginning. Through out the game you're charged with planting, harvesting crops, mining for minerals and other general farming activities while also creating relationships growing the community. 

Stardew Valley has only been available for a few days but has already taken over the top spot on online video game service STEAMS Top Sellers list. The idea that a game about farming would sell better then the newest zombie shooter is an interesting thought. Could the world we live be more interested in daily tasks of agriculture then we once thought? With over 2,647 users giving the game a positive review, and past games such as the Facebook developed FarmVille and the beloved nineties classic Harvest Moon, maybe a new generation is looking at farming in a new light.