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The Tale of the Cylinders

At the beginning of the 20th century the eccentric (and fictitious) Canadian inventor and explorer Thaddeus Barnes set out on a unique journey across Canada. Barnes had made his vast fortune investing in rail transportation and through the profits from his numerous electrical patents. He decided that in order to insure that his riches went to a worthy heir, he would hide the location of his personal safe in a series of thorny clues he required his sons and daughters to unravel to prove themselves up to the task of carrying on Barnes' life work. The inventor travelled across Canada hiding those clues in a series of copper cylinders he buried as he travelled.

Barnes died in March, 1912. All his offspring perished two months late as they had journeyed from England on the Titanic to settle the estate. 

Only recently was a long lost and unmailed letter from Barnes to his oldest daugther, Clarissa, discovered in the Canadian archives.

It tells of the eight copper cylinders but only contains a series of cryptic clues and ciphers that seem to point to the location of the first cylinder.

Your job is to discover the location of all eight copper cylinders and with them unravel the final enigma, the location of the Barnes safe.

To do it you'll need a knowledge of Canadian geography and history, a firm grasp of art, math and science and the ability to reveal the secrets typed up in coded messages. And you'll need to use social media to work with others, some across Canada. So, settle in for a good winter's adventure. Good luck.